Benefits of the Collective Purchasing Power of the Consortium

  • Retirees have More Options, Guarantee Issue, Same or Better Premiums, and can change plans if they move.
  • Non-Medical Benefits, specifically designed for Retirees, are provided and expanded annually.
  • Benefit Plans are based on the Retiree’s place of residence.
  • Plans are District sponsored as required by Florida Statute 112.0801.
  • Cost of Active Employee Health Plans has been positively impacted by the Consortium Program.
  • FSRBC is governed by an appointed Board of Directors and Plans selected through a public RFP process.
  • The initiative is endorsed by Union and Management and administrative assistance Is provided by FBMC.
  • Retirees who left the District Health Plan have the option to re-join.

Examples of Financial Impact on Participating Districts

District Health Plan Medicare Retiree Revenue / Expenses SAVINGS GASB Liability Current / New REDUCTION OF LIABILITY
Brevard $3,080,220 / $3,469,408 $389,188 Brevard $102 Million / $51 Million $51 Million
Duval $7,883,000 / $8,533,000 $650,000 Duval $135 Million / $62 Million $73 Million
Escambia $2,005,000 / $2,728,000 $723,000 Escambia $30.8 Million / $15.4 Million $15.4 Million